About the Site

What is the objective of "Welcome to the Family"?
The objective of "Welcome to the Family" is for readers to get a greater understanding of why/how/ and who I am. In order for people to understand the ways in which I work they must first understand where many of my traditions and values come from.

The Introduction: 
One belief/ideal I want to spread throughout this blog is the idea that without understanding your history you will not be able to truly go forth in life with clarity and confidence. History holds hurt, pride, expression, reasoning, and many more aspects that truly shape our personalities and lives. 

The Goals of "Welcome to the Family":
1. Allow you as the reader to understand my family and I. 

I plan on achieving these goals by showing the past, present, and future aspects of my family through media mediums such as videos, interviews, and audio. 

There is no particular audience I am targeting. This blog is aimed at anyone willing to find their own family identity. 

[Disclaimer: This site is intended on showing all of my family history but due to lost relatives and lack of communication all of my family history could not be documented. Thank you.]